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We are a San Antonio based Rodent & Wildlife removal business specializing in permanent rodent removal. We "get rodents out & we keep them out" Guaranteed. We remove unwanted Rodents and performs professional "Exclusions". These exclusions are "guaranteed" to keep rodents "out". For our customers security San Antonio Wildlife Management provides written warrenty on our repair work upon exclusion completion. (In some extreme cases warranties may not be provided)

"STAY AWAY" from the pest control companies that use “pesticides & repellant” treatments for rodent problems. The biggest and most common mistake these Pest Control operators are making are treating rat infestations or problems as they are bugs.

NOTICE: These pest control companies like to keep you paying monthly quarterly, annually, or for a lifetime, never really solving the problem at hand. They keep you paying with never ending, trapping campaigns, or poison programs. Rats are Animals Not Bugs. Repellant Tactics Do Not Work and who wants “Dead Rats” showing up everywhere (walls, attic, yard, etc.) That’s not very sanitary.

We regularly receive calls about "Dead Rats" in peoples properties (attics, walls, etc). Most often, these calls are received because customers made the mistake of going with an inexperienced pest control company that had used poisons. When poisons are used for rat control, the rats are obviously going to die somewhere. San Antonio Wildlife Management regularly has to remove dead rats from properties in some cases having to cut out walls, and or depreciate attic insulation in the process. Avoid inexperienced pest control companies, let them stick to the bugs and San Antonio Wildlife Management will take care of the animals.

Rodent problems in the San Antonio area will eventually be needed when you find that your home has a rat or mouse infestation. Rodent problems are very unpleasant and distressing for any home or business. Rats and mice breed quickly, carry disease, and damage property. Common in rodent control is that rats and mice, can leave behind droppings. Dead rodents can be difficult to find and remove, as they can easily get in attics, walls, elevated homes, and under homes foundations.

We are the rodent extermination experts for the San Antonio area. We can take care of your rodent control problem quickly and help to rid your property of a rat or mice infestations, offering superior rodent proofing services. If you are hearing scratching noises in your walls or the attic, it may be a sign that you have rats or mice in the walls. We are experts at rodent trapping and rodent prevention services.

Commercial Rodent Control programs in the San antonio area wide are not suited for all wildlife companies. Our commercial technicians understand time sensitivity and will go “above and beyond” to ensure rodent problems are addressed quickly. Have a Health and Safety Risk, we provide same day immediate assistance when seconds count. Management programs are available for all types of commercial properties regardless of the situation. Call our commercial rodent program technician to find out how we can help solve your problem.

Rodent removal in San Antonio Texas for mice and rats is something that should not be long term. There is no need for expensive, unnecessary contracts for rodent removal. Rodent Removal should be done by a professional, but not all professionals think alike. While most common rodent removal means are typically glue boards, poison packets, and bait boxes, there are only a few methods that actually work. Did you know, that some rats are big enough that a glue board or bait box will not be effective, and requires the use of specialized traps. I know someone may be reading this now, saying “thats why i haven’t been catching that rat”!

Rodent problems can easily be addressed and solved permanently with the help of one of our specialists. We unfortunately do hear horror stories from homeowners that have used control companies that allowed the rodent problems from rats or mice to get out of hand. It is very simple, and following theses steps will ensure a lasting success.

Step 1: Identify what problem rodents you’re dealing with. Are they mice problems or rat problems?

Step 2: Remove the problem rodents. Snap traps placed in the attic, crawlspace, and interior of home. Place traps as close to the openings rodents are using for best results. If rats, use a few live traps, as some rats are big.

Step 3: Proper seal up of the home around the foundation and roof line. Rodents can enter the smallest openings, so closing off all openings will stop activity, and use materials rodents will not chew through. Make sure limbs and trees are trimmed back from home, or anything that would allow easy access.

Step 4: Clean up, or disinfecting and sanitizing rodent affected areas, removing contaminated insulation, duct lines, nesting, or fecal accumulations.

Most homeowners think a wildlife company and a pest control company are the same, and they are uniquely different. Understanding the difference can aide you in permanently solving your rodent problem. Pest Control companies will usually contract a homeowner or business for a monthly service of rodent control, which is fine in theory. But one factor that is not covered is repair of openings, and a true understanding of wildlife. Most pest companies have integrated into the wildlife field for the extra revenue. Bug specialists usually fall short in wildlife inspecting, turning a simple issue into a problem. When you receive a wildlife inspection from a wildlife removal company who specializes in wildlife, you will see the difference. Wildlife Removal companies will inspect, diagnose, repair openings, and even clean up and restore damage. That is whats needed for a long term solution and understanding the process is half the battle.

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) Rodents carry over 35 human communicable diseases, from direct and indirect exposure, and from ectoparasites. Contact can occur from handling rodents, contact of feces, urine, and saliva, rodent bites, and even digging around rodent active areas.

Indirect exposure from ectoparasites like fleas, mites, and ticks that have bitten a infected rat can occur. It is always important to use a professional when dealing with rodent infestations, or heavily soiled areas.

It is important that you understand removing dead rodents should be only done by a professional. There is a reason the rat or mouse is dead, and it could have been diseased. Do not touch a dead rodent. When rodents die in a attic, crawlspace, or wall, that indicates a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Call our specialists for rodent removal, rodent inspection, disinfecting and sanitizing, and a permanent solution for your rodent problem.

Special precautions should be taken before and after going in any rodent contaminated area. You should always be aware that disturbance of areas of urine, nesting, and droppings can cause the release airborne particulates. Indirect contact can occur, and we urge everyone with a rodent problem to not risk exposure. Contact one of our professionals that are specifically trained in disinfecting and deodorizing, using personal protection equipment, sanitizing, and restoration.

One of the greatest concerns that a homeowner has with rodents is the damage they cause. As rodents travel throughout a home they will damage sheetrock, insulation, wires, and even duct lines. EPA regulations suggest if rodents are in a insulated duct line, that there is no way to clean the line, but only replace it. One of the more dangerous problems for homeowners is rodents chewing on wires. Rodents teeth continue to grow. To keep them short they chew on things. Rats chewing on wires that can cause a potential fire in your home. 

After we have trapped and removed the rodents from your home, you may be left with damage to your home or attic. We can help you to repair the damage that the rodents have created. We can remove and replace damaged insulation, replace damaged drywall, and repair openings. Let us help you with your rat and mice control problem. Call us today.