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San Antonio Rat Removal & Rodent Control

Do you have rats in your Structure?

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We are a San Antonio based Rat & Wildlife removal business specializing in permanent rat removal. We "get rats out & we keep them out" Guaranteed. We remove unwanted Rats and performs professional "Exclusions". These exclusions are "guaranteed" to keep rats "out". For our customers security San Antonio Wildlife Management provides written warrenty on our repair work upon exclusion completion. (In some extreme cases warranties may not be provided)

"STAY AWAY" from the pest control companies that use “pesticides & repellant” treatments for rat problems. The biggest and most common mistake these Pest Control operators are making are treating rat infestations or problems as they are bugs.

NOTICE: These pest control companies like to keep you paying monthly quarterly, annually, or for a lifetime, never really solving the problem at hand. They keep you paying with never ending, trapping campaigns, or poison programs. Rats are Animals Not Bugs. Repellant Tactics Do Not Work and who wants “Dead Rats” showing up everywhere (walls, attic, yard, etc.) That’s not very sanitary.

We regularly receive calls about "Dead Rats" in peoples properties (attics, walls, etc). Most often, these calls are received because customers made the mistake of going with an inexperienced pest control company that had used poisons. When poisons are used for rat control, the rats are obviously going to die somewhere. San Antonio Wildlife Management regularly has to remove dead rats from properties in some cases having to cut out walls, and or depreciate attic insulation in the process. Avoid inexperienced pest control companies, let them stick to the bugs and San Antonio Wildlife Management will take care of the animals.

Rat/Mice Removal & Permanent Solutions 

San Antonio Wildlife Control removes mice and rats from properties through humane or lethal trapping. We can determine through a site evaluation how many mice and or rats are present on the property. We can provide a permanent solution to your rat or mouse problem by determining the points of entry and sealing them as well as sealing other vulnerable points. We use top of the line materials and All of our work comes with a warranty.

The only way to properly and effectively get rid of a rat or mice problem is to perform a full property exclusion. Many companies want to place clients on a treatment program which will just have you paying forever. This logic may work with bugs in which pest control companies use pesticides, but rats are animals and should be categorized under wildlife. San Antonio Wildlife Management avoids silly programs and treatments which are ineffective. We take the problem head on and do the job right providing a permanent solution, which is always warrantied (unless stated otherwise on the contract). Thats right our work is warrantied, we remove existing rats/mice, perform a full property exclusion, and if for some reasons rats/mice return in the warrantied time frame, we return at no additional cost to re-address the problems. Our objective is to provide a permanent solution and perform a proper exclusion the first time.

San Antonio Wildlife Control are proffesionals at performing these full property exclusions for rats/mice, we utilize very expensive and super strong materials to keep rats/mice out permanently. Stay away from the do-it-yourself neighbor, contractor, or other pest companies that use EXPANDABLE FOAM. Expandable foam looks horrible doesnt work and deppreciates in this hot Texas sun. Rats can chew through almost anything and consider your property/business their home, so they WILL find other ways in or simply chew through such weak materials.

Rat Droppings Are Dangerous And Must Be Removed

Attic insulation makes a very cozy home for rats and mice, we regularly come across attics filled with animal rodent droppings and urine. Rats & Mice that gain access to attic spaces use the insulation as nesting material, creating burrows leaving feces and urine behind as well as under the insulation. It may start to smell and, urine spots may start to appear on your ceiling. For a 100% effective rat exclusion with warranty all feces must be removed since the feces acts as a lure for future rats/mice as well as other animals.


 Rat & Mice feces is very hazardous, refer to our Dangerous Animal Feces Page. San Antonio Wildlife Management can also remove all fecal matter as well as any saturated insulation. It is recommended that all insulation be removed and replaced because Rats & Mice create tunnels in which we cannot see into. There tends to be excessive fecal matter under the removed insulation which is not visible until the top layers are removed. For more information on our fecal matter, and insulation removal procedures refer to our Attic Decontamination Page.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with a rat or mouse infestation

-Rats trail their waste behind themselves while moving; this means they will contaminate every area they pass through, easily wrecking your insulation if they are in your attic.

-Rats carry numerous diseases; not only have they been implicated in millions of human deaths throughout history due to the diseases they carry, they also carry fleas and lice which have their own germs.

-Rats’ reproductive rate is astronomical; a single pair of rats can multiply into 15,000 over the span of just one year.

-Rodents make up the vast majority of wildlife infestations; even so, the majority of pest control companies are incapable of properly assuring their permanent removal from a property

-Rodents’ bodies are very pliable; they can infiltrate a structure via holes smaller than a quarter.

-Rats have very high metabolisms; they need to feed constantly in order to survive and nourish their abundant litters, and will go to great lengths in order to raid any food stores nearby.

-Rodents are very territorial; once they have come to think of an area as “home,” it is almost impossible to remove them without making use of extensive knowledge and methodology.

-Rodents are extremely destructive; not only do they gnaw on wood and vinyl, they will rapidly destroy any wiring they find, creating significant fire hazards.

Identifying a rat problem
Rodents and other wildlife species can be hard to differentiate once they take up home in your attic or crawl spaces. The following are some of the most recognizable indicators of the presence of rats in your home. If you are encountering any of these phenomena, set up an appointment right away and let us do an inspection to determine the cause:

-Scratching, chirping, or chewing noises at night, especially between midnight and 4:00 AM

-Sounds resembling marbles rolling across the floor

-Finding small crumbs of food in isolated areas without explanation

-Holes with chewed/gnawed edges in containers of food

-Spots of discoloration and/or small, hard pellets in dark, secluded areas such as cupboards where food is stored

-Chewed wires

-Rat infestations are a force that can destroy homes, spread diseases, and absolutely dominate the urban landscape with their high reproductive rates and adaptability. But every problem has a solution.

The high volume of rat infestations throughout the region has allowed us to build up a strong base of experience in eliminating them. 

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