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San Antonio Dead Animal Removal

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Bexar County Dead Animal Removal Service

            Do you have dead animal smell or odor coming from your San Antonio, TX home or business?

Wild animals typically like to hide away in small crawl spaces, attics, or walls. When the animals dies, it will start to decay and attract other pesky creatures into your home. Actually finding and retrieving the dead animal can prove difficult, and many home owners prefer to leave it up to a professional. Common dead animal removal calls we receive includes:

Dead animal in the attic.
Dead animal under the home.
Dead animal in the yard.
Dead animal smell in home.
Dead animal in the pool.
Dead animal caught in the fence.
Dead animal under the deck.
Dead animal in the air duct lines.
Dead animal in the insulation.
Dead animal, and the presence of flies.
Dead animal, and the presence of maggots.
Dead animal in the wall.
Getting rid of dead animal smell.
Finding a dead animal in the home.
Dead animal in the chimney.

Our trained professionals will find the source of the dead animal, and remove it safely. We provide odor control services to remove the smell that will happen as a result. If the animal has damaged the area, we can also provide restoration services to bring your home back to it’s original condition.

How do you get rid of the odor of dead animals? Unfortunately, there is no magic spray or device that you can use to make them go away. Perfumes and masking agents won’t help. The use of a moth ball or other repellents often fails during the dead animal removal process and is not a legal repellent for wildlife.

Dead Animal Removal isn’t always a simple process. It usually includes crawling into tight, cramped spaces in potentially hazardous conditions. The dead animal must be found, removed and properly disposed of. Then the area must be cleaned and decontaminated. It is also critical to perform animal exclusion to ensure the area is properly sealed off to prevent any animals from returning.

Who To Call” for Dead Animal Removal
If a dead animal is found on your property or place of business, many people often assume there is a city department that will handle dead animal carcass disposal. The fact of the matter is, there is a city department that will handle dead animal carcass disposal on a public road, but not on a private residence or commercial business.

How To Get Rid Of Dead Animals
Animals living in the attic or crawlspace of your home or building can unfortunately die, leaving a stench oof odor until the animal is removed. Common dead animal calls we receive include:

Dead mice or rats in walls.
Dead raccoon in attic.
Dead squirrel in attic.
Dead skunk under home.
Dead opossum in crawlspace.
Dead deer in yard.
Dead animal smell in home

Regardless of where a dead animal is located around your home, if the animal has died in your home, finding the animal usually takes a professional. Dead animals will often die in walls, or tight, confined areas, making access difficult without proper tools and equipment. Professional dead animal removal services by San Antonio Wildilfe Management offer 24/7 immediate service for fast and effective dead animal removal. Call us today for immediate assistance.

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