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San Antonio Attic Decontamination

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Attic Decontamination & Rodent Cleaning
Proper decontamination from rats in your attic, mice, rodents and other pests is more difficult than you may think. It’s essential not only to remove all visible droppings and debris, but to address the world of invisible dangers still lingering. Fungi, germs, and bacteria remain even when all visible signs of rodents are gone. This can lead to diseases being harbored and spread after-the-fact. Professional attic decontamination measures must be taken to ensure that your home is free from all rodent-related health hazards.

Our technicians have the most recent, effective equipment and materials to ensure your house is 100% free from contamination and any residual odor. When you want to protect your home, you can’t take shortcuts. That’s why you call in professionals like us who can give you complete and total peace of mind.

Simply cleaning the attic or crawl space from rodent waste may not remove all of the germs, fungi, and bacteria from those areas. Furthermore, there may be lingering foul odors that will not disappear unless the proper attic decontamination measures are taken.


There are many health risks that are associated with attic contamination. Some of the diseases that can result from a contaminated attic include;

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
Murine typus and leptospirosis.

Only a trained professional wearing protective gear should be allowed to access the contaminated area.


In addition to the contamination-based diseases, attic contamination causes fire hazards. Some animals that infest the attic can chew almost everything. This includes electrical wiring, support beams and insulation. This chewing accounts for many fire cases globally.

Our trained professionals use the right safety equipment when decontaminating your attic.

Our Attic Cleaning Experts
Our team comprises of highly trained professionals with vast experience in attic decontamination and attic cleaning. We are used to handling different situations of attic contamination even the ones that baffle vigilant homeowners. So, you don’t have to let your attic contamination escalate. Simply get in touch and we will be pleased to help you deal with your attic contamination problem.

Apart from removing the animals that are contaminating your attic, we perform comprehensive decontamination while providing animal-proofing services. This ensures that the infestation will not re-occur any time sooner. We handle all kind of attic contamination including rats, raccoons,  mice,  squirrels, and bats contaminations.

Bagging and Removal: We bag and remove the insulation that is contaminated with urine, feces and other materials.

Removal: We remove the droppings that may have been left behind. using powerful commercial vacuuming equipment while maintaining a safe, healthy environment.

Disinfection: We disinfect your attic to remove allergens and bacteria while killing parasites like fleas.

Re-insulation and Prevention: We re-insulate your attic with the right material after rodent proofing your attic to prevent future animal infestations.