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About Us:

San Antonio Wildlife Control Co. is a professional animal removal & repair service Serving Bexar County, TX. San Antonio Wildlife Management humanely traps & relocates Nuiscance Wildlife. We uses proven methods and Professioanl materials to exclude vulnerable entry points from target nuiscance animals called "Exclusions". We also performs "Attic Decontamination", "Insulation Removal", repairs damages

We "KEEP" animals out permanently through proven exclusion processes and procedures which is Guaranteed "or we will return at no additional cost"

All of our repair work is backed by a Warranty (Unless otherwise stated), if there is a reoccuring problem we come out at no additional costs. Our objective is to get the animals off your property and provide permanent solutions to keep the animals OUT !!! Which is why we make the repairs right the first time. Whether it’s a bat or a deer there is "No Job too Big or Too Small" Just give us a call!

Our skilled wildlife specialists are trained in the humane removal of all nuisance animals. Whether it’s a raccoon in a chimney, a squirrel in an eave, a skunk under a deck, a snake in a shed, rats in the attic, etc. – our knowledgeable and proprietarily trained technicians will always provide you with the most accurate and effective solution to your situation.

We service all property types – residential, commercial, and industrial – throughout the San Antonio area. Our wildlife specialists/biologists will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with a detailed report explaining their findings.

If animals have entered your attic space we will inspect every corner of your attic – walking out on the beams to check for animal activity and feces, inspecting all air ducts and electrical wiring for possible holes and chewed wires, checking attic fans and vents for openings, etc.

We will also thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home, including climbing onto the roof, to find all possible entry points the animals might be using.

"San Antonio Wildlife Control"

Serves Both

Commercial              &                Residential

"If you have animals living within your structure call to schedule a site evaluation."

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